As a Japanese person who visited many countries around the world, I met many lovely people interested in Japan. Not only for Anime and manga, but also for its language and culture. I was really moved to see many people learning Japanese and showing their love for Japan.

We started designing Japanese T-shirts for those who want to express themselves in Japanese. When I was in the US, I ran into a person who was wearing a T-shirt with Japanese characters. And when he asked me the meaning of it, I couldn't answer, as it did not make any sense (Yap, you can easily tell that most of them are google translated). I guess some people don’t care about it, but isn’t it cool to wear something in Japanese that makes sense and you know the meaning? Or maybe, you can give it to someone as a gift and only YOU know the meaning! You decide what to do!

HIBITEN (日々店 / ひびてん / ヒビテン) means “Everyday store” because we would like your “Japanese side” to be in your everyday life by wearing our T-shirts. If you are lucky, you may run into some Japanese or people who are learning Japanese. What is better than being connected to those who share the same interest?

If you have any question about Japanese, feel free to email us at support@hibiten.com. Email us either in English or Japanese :)

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